WESTPORT - A YouTube video of a woman who got into an argument with a conductor on a Metro-North train had Westport train passengers buzzing today.

A Metro-North passenger recorded the confrontation between the passenger and a conductor, who appears to calmly ask the woman to stop using profanity and talking loudly on her cell phone.

The passenger goes on to say, "Do you know who I am and how educated I am?" In the video, she also says "I'm sorry. Do you think I'm a little hoodlum?"

The incident ended with a public-address announcement asking all passengers to please not use profanity on the train, "especially those people who went to Harvard or Yale or are from Westport."

"Her behavior speaks for itself, wherever she's from," one passenger said. "I don't care where you're from, what your economic status is, that behavior is totally inappropriate and rude." Other commuters echoed those sentiments.

Metro-North has confirmed that the woman did have a ticket from Westport.