NORWALK - Sentiments about the financial crisis are being heard on the radio airwaves across southwestern Connecticut.

Many are turning to the airwaves to get a better understanding of what is going on and to express their concerns. The economic crisis and the downward spiral on Wall Street ate up 85 percent of Jim Buchanan's three-hour talk show Monday on WICC.

Buchanan says callers into his "Talk of the Town" show are angry and disappointed with the current financial situation. He says while there is no shortage of callers, but as far as experts, it's a different story.

?Apparently they are so expert they don't want to tip the cart in some way,? says Buchanan. ?They are afraid to say keep your money here, you should be doing this, you should keep your money here. It's difficult to get advice for my listeners on what they should be doing."

A portion of Tuesday's show features college professors talking about the current financial situation.