BRIDGEPORT - Residents of a condominium complex in Bridgeport say their community is plagued with problems, including an alleged bedbug infestation. 

A group of residents at Embassy Towers condominium complex on Park Avenue tells News 12 that the infestation is so severe that the city of Bridgeport has levied fines against the complex. At a meeting Saturday, residents displayed violation notices from the city that they say underscore their problems, and called for changes to the current board.

“I want the board to step down, the current board to step down, and allow the new people to go in and manage the building better,” says resident Kitti Pong. 

The angry residents also say they have had independent engineers survey the complex, who they say found structural problems with several parts of the building.  And the residents say they have complaints about the way the current board has managed the community’s finances. 

But board member Lisa Feld characterized the group as a disgruntled bunch who are playing politics, and disputed claims of any infestation. “There's always going to be people who want to be negative,” she said. “We did have the inspector from the city come and cleared us, we paid absolutely no fines.” 

Feld says most of the residents here are happy with the complex.

Both sides on the issue are vowing to stand their ground.