HARTFORD - ? Connecticut lawmakers were in special session Friday trying to hammer out the details of an emergency assistance program aimed at combating home heating prices expected to skyrocket this winter.

Republican leaders say they would like to add several amendments including one that would cap the gross receipts gas tax.

But for now, the focus remains on home heating oil and how to use the state?s $75 million surplus to help provide an assistance plan. The Senate filed its version of the bill around 4 p.m.

?Right now, the bill spends $40 million on programs to help people this winter and sets $35 million aside in a contingent account,? says Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, of Fairfield.

McKinney says it could be improved but is a pretty good package overall. He says the Senate?s version of the energy assistance program broadens the income requirements just a bit and caps aid for certain income levels.

The bill has yet to reach the House.