HARTFORD - (AP) - Connecticut Democratic lawmakers haveapproved a plan to close the state's latest budget deficit, even asRepublicans claim the proposal falls far short of what's needed tobalance the books.

The General Assembly passed two bills on Monday. One cuts statespending by $12.4 million, transfers millions of dollars fromvarious funds, and replenishes many reductions proposed byRepublican Gov. M. Jodi Rell - including trimming state aid tocities and towns.

The second measure postpones a planned reduction in the estatetax.

Connecticut faces a $467 million deficit. That, however,includes a planned $130 million sales tax reduction that has beenscrapped because of falling state revenues.

Rell calls the measure disappointing. Republicans say it stillleaves the state $137 million in deficit. Democrats say it's Rell'sjob to find the savings.