STRATFORD - Students of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting were shocked to discover that the school unexpectedly shut down Wednesday night.

The students arrived to find the door locked and a sign that read, "Closed until further notice."

"It will be tough now given the fact that until further notice, I have nothing to work on," graduate student Brian Caso says.

The students are left with very little answers on the closing of the 16-week program that costs them close to $12,000 to take.

"The equipment as of right now is property of the bank who owns CSB and I cannot really go further," assistant campus coordinator Tom Martelon says. "I don't really have any answers."

The state Department of Higher Education has announced that it will help any student looking for a refund or help to complete the remainder of their training. Dick Robinson, the owner of the school, also says that he wants to open the school under a new name and will allow students to finish their studies at no extra cost.