COS COB - Greenwich Selectman Drew Marzullo spoke to News 12 about his push to have state boating laws reviewed.

The talk comes after a local teen was killed in a tubing accident off Greenwich Point last week. She had been in a boat driven by her 16-year-old friend.

As it stands, Marzullo says those 13 and older can get their boating license and those 16 and older are able to drive without an adult on board.

Some residents in the area say that the boating laws should be changed, while others say it is far too soon to consider action.

Emily Fedorko, 16, had been on a boat with three teenage friends. Police say Fedorko and another girl fell off a tube connected to the boat. The boat then circled to get them and Fedorko was killed by the boat's propeller.

Police say the girl driving the boat in last week's tragedy was licensed and was an experienced boater.