BRIDGEPORT - Cab drivers are sharing how they stay safe as they earn a living at what has increasingly become a dangerous job, especially in the wake of the stabbing death of cabbie Mahomed Kamal.

Bridgeport's Stillman Street is home to several cab companies. Cab drivers there say the recent murder has put them on high alert.

Chet Dusak is a longtime driver, and he says he knows people who were shot and killed on the job.

Dusak is among a growing list of drivers who have called for plastic partitions to separate drivers from passengers, as well as GPS systems that allow dispatchers to monitor drivers' whereabouts. In the meantime, he is using his best judgment.

"If you get in my cab and I don't like the looks of you," says Dusak, "you either pay me up front or you ain't going."

"You have to be aware," says fellow cab driver L.D. Jones. "You have to do your job to the best of your ability, but you have to be willing to say no sometimes."

Both drivers say many of their fellow drivers in Bridgeport don't have partitions or dispatcher-based GPS in their vehicles.