WESPORT - Connecticut Democrats and Republicans are gearing up for primary day that is less than a week away on Aug. 12. Several state races are being contested, and Democrats will determine who will run against Congressman Chris Shays in the Fourth District.In anticipation of the big day, Democratic congressional candidate Jim Himes met constituents at the New Colony II Diner in Bridgeport Wednesday, while his aides were calling potential voters at his headquarters.Himes is running against Lee Whitnum, who spent part of the day in Norwalk handing out her cards.Both say they are aware that people are still enjoying the summer, and so they are doing everything in their power to turn the voters? attention to politics.?You can either sit on your couch and be angry at where our country is going, or you can get out there and fight to make it better,? Whitnum says.But Himes believes that despite their best efforts, voter turnout will be low this year.?We are taking nothing for granted,? he says. ?We are on the phone, up on TV, doing mailers.?Connecticut residents who are not yet registered to vote can mail in their forms until Thursday. They will have until Monday, Aug.11, to register in person.