FAIRFIELD - Locals with loved ones in France reacted to the terrorist attacks in Nice.

Isabelle Koenig is the owner of the French bakery Isabelle et Vincent Bakery in Fairfield.

Koenig's son, Philippe, spent the first eight years of his life growing up in France. He says it's difficult to believe France was the target of terror again.

“It's the again part that bothers me,” Isabelle said. “It can happen once it's horrible, but the fact that it happens a second time. I don't understand it.”

Isabelle said she texted her loved ones after the reports of what happened spread. She says her sister was able to escape death and injury, by running into a neighbor's home after the tragedy.

Patrick Jean says he lived in France 22 years ago and is now a waiter at Rive Bistro in Westport.

He says the people of France need to be strong after this attack.

“If you start to stop going out, stop to go and live, that's how they're going to win,” Jean said. “You can't not act like that, you cannot think like that.  You need to keep living.”