STRATFORD - Police departments across the country are on edge following the shootings of three police officers Wednesday night in two different communities.

Two officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri during a protest at the city's police station following the resignation of its chief. A police officer was also shot in the neck following a traffic stop in Huntington Station on Long Island.

Police in southwestern Connecticut say that when any police officer is hurt in the line of duty, regardless of the location, they all feel the pain.

Stratford Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour says police are essentially on their own when it comes to protecting themselves from danger. Fairfield Police Chief Gary McNamara says these recent incidents show a disturbing trend in our country.

"I think what we've seen in New York and some of these other instances, people are feeling freer to assault police officers and that becomes the bigger concern for all of us," said McNamara.

Chief Ridenhour says it's a wakeup call for everyone when incidents like these occur.

Both those police officials told News 12 Connecticut that the public's perception of police officers across the country has taken a big hit, making their job more difficult. They say they believe the media is partly at fault for that.