NORWALK - A transgender teenager from Connecticut is documenting and raising funds for his transition.

In just the last few weeks, Kylar Maldonado's physical transition from female to male has progressed. His voice has become deeper, he appears more masculine and he is planning to have breast-removal surgery. But most importantly, he says he is finally feeling comfortable in his own body.

Maldonado says his mother supports him 100 percent these days, but she wasn't the first to fully accept him as transgender. He credits friends on social media whom he never actually met with helping him through what he describes as the most awkward, confusing time of his life.

The high school senior has been documenting his transition through a series of YouTube videos, starting with his first shot of testosterone. He is also raising funds for his top surgery through GoFundMe.

Maldonado says he wants other people struggling with their gender identity to realize that things can get better for them.

Maldonado and his mother have also started a national campaign to ensure people have access to transgender bathrooms.