NORWALK - A local construction company is tallying up its losses after trucks were stolen out of a Norwalk lot this week.

The owner of Earth Trucking Company says three dump trucks and a trailer were missing from the lot on Wilson Avenue Wednesday morning. Norwalk police say the lot where the company parks its trucks was left open overnight, possibly leading to the theft. However, workers say the trucks are specialized and require special skills to operate.

This isn?t the first time a construction company in the area has had a truck or equipment stolen. Joe Grasso?s family-owned company had a $160,000 truck stolen last year. Grasso says it is impossible to make a quick or quiet getaway in a truck of that size.

Ernest Bothwell, who also had two dump trucks go missing in 2006, says he is amazed no one ever found his trucks.

?As a small business owner, it can put you out of business real quick,? Bothwell says.

Both men believe the trucks were stolen and eventually sold for parts.