NEWTOWN - A video game that re-enacts the Newtown shootings is sparking outrage.

The game is called The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary.

Its creator is from Australia and says he wants to raise awareness about the need for stricter gun laws in the U.S.

The family of slain teacher Victoria Soto released a statement saying, "We do not encourage this game, nor do we condone it. We only bring attention to it so that we can perhaps reach the maker and make him understand why his message was delivered in the most inappropriate way."

Brother and sister Giancarlo and Annamaria Ceci, of Norwalk, have started an online petition urging the game's creator to take it down and issue a public apology.

News 12 Connecticut has learned that several local and national leaders have contacted the creator, asking him to take down the game.

They've also requested the host website to do the same. This is the second host for the game. The initial host agreed to remove it after it initially sparked controversy.