BRIDGEPORT - Members of the Job Creation Party met in Bridgeport Thursday evening to endorse Mayor Bill Finch.

Supporters of Finch are hoping to get him nominated for re-election on the party's ticket.

The secretary of state ruled Monday that Finch had not filed his paperwork in time to get on the ballot.

Finch says he is confident he will be able to get on the ballot.

There were complaints in Black Rock Thursday that some supporters of both Finch and Joe Ganim were not playing fair.

Residents at the Twin Towers complex claim Ganim supporters used strong-arm tactics to influence other residents into voting for him.

Ganim, the Democratic candidate, denies the allegations and says his supporters had similar complaints about the opposition.

Ganim says Finch's whole strategy is flawed since the majority of the Job Creation Party's members support him

"So oddly enough, the one thing Finch was grasping on as a last straw seems to be pulled out from under him by the very people they claimed were supporting him," says Ganim.

Ganim also says he believes it's time for Finch to accept the situation presented to him.

"I think the time has come for Bill Finch to take a reality check about stepping aside and allowing the results of the primary," he says. "The people of Bridgeport have spoken."

The attorney for Finch says the mayor has enough support to win the Job Creation Party's nomination.

He says he will file paperwork with the secretary of state in the morning to request the mayor's name be included on the November ballot.