NORWALK - According to Fairfield police, domestic violence situations are the most dangerous for officers due to the potential for changing and unpredictable events.

Police want to bring attention to these specific calls after two New Haven police cruisers collided Tuesday responding to a domestic violence call, claiming the life of Sgt. Dario ?Scott? Aponte and leaving Diane Gonzalez in critical condition.

Fairfield police explain that highly emotional 911 calls can create anxiety for a responding officer.

?It brings [it] home pretty quickly and I think it also brings it home to the families of our officers that day in and day out we do dangerous jobs ? and we hope that we do it as safe as possible,? says Deputy Chief Gary MacNamara. ?There are times when it takes its toll on us.?

There were no charges filed for the Tuesday night 911 call. Police say the woman in the incident was not seriously injured.