DARIEN - Darien police say they are searching for two men who allegedly tried to abduct a 10-year-old girl Friday morning.

Police say the incident happened along Tokeneke Road while the girl was on her way to Tokeneke Elementary School in Darien. Authorities say the girl told them she was walking to school when a mid-sized black Mercedes with tinted windows pulled up alongside her. She says the men told her to get inside the car, and when she screamed "No," one man reached out to grab her with both hands.

The girl told police she struggled to get away and then the car made a U-turn at Rainbow Circle and sped away southbound on Tokeneke Road. Police say they are investigating the incident seriously, but tell parents there is no need to panic.

Authorities say the suspects are two young, white men. The passenger was wearing a black and white striped shirt and baseball cap, and the driver was wearing a long-sleeved gray shirt with a black Yankees T-shirt over it and a Yankees baseball cap. The black Mercedes is said to have a Massachusetts registration with partial plate number A324.

Anyone with information about the alleged incident is asked to call Darien police at 203-662-5300.