BRIDGEPORT - Police say they arrested three California men early Thursday morning when they discovered 55 pounds of marijuana inside their stolen tractor-trailer.

Police made the arrest along I-95 after the truck failed to stop at the Greenwich weigh station. Police say the truck was reported stolen from Arizona and the driver had a suspended license.

Authorities and the K-9 unit will comb through the tractor-trailer Thursday afternoon. Investigators say they expect to find more drugs on board.

"The possibilities are endless," says State Police Lt. Paul Vance. "Certainly what these troopers will do, they are specially trained, they are able to disassemble this truck. They will examine the cab, the tires, the back of the truck - every crack and crevice, until they are satisfied and they've gotten any and all contraband on the truck."

The three suspects, two of whom might be related, will be arraigned Thursday and are currently being held on bond.