NORWALK - A Norwalk couple believes the problems that have caused Toyota to recall millions of cars are the reason their car ended up in a swimming pool in 2008.

Marian Mucci says she was driving into the parking lot at her condo complex when her car suddenly accelerated, went airborne and splashed into a swimming pool.

Mucci, who drove a 2003 Camry which is not on the recall list, thinks Toyota needs to take a closer look at that model.

Mucci says at the time of the accident, she had no health problems that would have caused her to mistakenly push the gas pedal.

Mucci's husband Tony says he also had a problem once with the car where it lurched suddenly but he was able to stop it by putting the car in neutral.

The Muccis say the Camry was totaled in the swimming pool crash and they no longer own it.