NORWALK - AP David Letterman felt "threatened, alarmed and concerned" about the impact to his family life and careerafter a newsman tried to blackmail him by disclosing his sexualaffairs, according to court documents released Thursday.

CBS News producer Robert J. "Joe" Halderman told Letterman ina package of materials he sent that he had "a lot more" documentsto back up his threat and needed to "make a large chunk ofmoney," according to search warrant affidavits. The additionalevidence, Halderman said, included letters, e-mails and photos,authorities said.

Halderman pleaded not guilty to trying to extort $2 million fromLetterman to keep some of the comedian's sexual affairs quiet. Amessage left Thursday with Halderman's attorney was not immediatelyreturned.

According to the court documents, the package Halderman sentincluded a demand letter, a treatment for a screenplay, photos,personal correspondence and portions of a diary.

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