STAMFORD - Several agencies and community members came together in Stamford Monday to help rescue a cat that has been stuck in a drain since late last week.

The cat was first spotted in a drain on Summer Street on Thursday. City workers who tried to rescue the cat believe it may have traveled away from its first spot and through pipes.

Animal Control officials say they have been feeding the cat since Friday. They say that animals will sometimes find their way out of drains.

Officials say that many rescue attempts so far have been unsuccessful.

"A lot of times when you have so much action and so many people feeding it, it scares the cat further into the drain," says Animal Control Manager Tilford Cobb.

The city's highway division was brought in to use underground cameras normally used to spot cracked pipes.

Crews say one issue they have run into is that they're don't know to where exactly drains in the area lead.

Crews say they will return to the drain Tuesday morning to check on it.