BRIDGEPORT - You don't need to travel all the way to New Orleans to enjoy Mardi Gras food and fun.

The Two Boots Restaurant in Bridgeport is celebrating Fat Tuesday in a big way by offering some traditional Louisiana fare, including alligator bites, craw fish and jambalaya.

"We had alligator flown in from Louisiana, along with the alligator sausage to make the swamp witch pizza," says Roberta Pettit, of Two Boots.

The mysterious pie is topped with alligator sausage, craw fish and hot pepper pesto.

For those with a sweet tooth, Billy's Bakery in Fairfield has multicolored King Cake made with buttery dough, cinnamon sugar and buttercream icing. The decadent dessert also contains a secret prize: a plastic baby hidden for good luck.

The person who bites into a slice of King Cake with the toy in it is proclaimed the king or queen for the day.