BRIDGEPORT - Charities that rely on the goodwill of others say they're bracing themselves because soaring gas and food prices are making donations scarce.

To help push donations, The United Way is now offering a Caring Club Card. The card is for people who donate $156 a year and provides discounts to various stores and restaurants around southwestern Connecticut.

Christian Community Action, which runs the Norwalk Food Pantry, is also looking for new ways to increase donations. Directors say donations are steady, but the increase in demand has caused the pantry's grocery bill to double in the last 10 months.

"With the increase of gas, the food prices and the whole crisis in general, people are coming to get help. If people get help with food at the end of the month, they have extra money to pay for extra gas, rent or utilities," says Mio Galarza, a CCA spokesperson.

CCA directors say they may be forced to cut services and programs if donations don't increase.