NORWALK - Even though the temperatures reached 94 degrees this week, local communities are already stocking up on road salt for the harsh winter months.

Norwalk already purchased its first batch of salt this week.

Road crews are already getting ready for the possibility of another brutal winter by prepping plow trucks, which would be filled with salt and ready to hit the slippery roads.

Bruce Chimento, the director of Norwalk Public Works, says it's never too early to start buying road salt. Salt prices are up about three percent over last year.

Norwalk set aside $430,000 for road salt last year while Stamford shelled out more than $500,000.

To keep the salt from going to waste, crews use a machine to saturate the granules with magnesium chloride.

Chris Torre, the superintendent at Norwalk Public Works, says they went through about 8,000 tons of salt last year.

Torre says he is not worried about running out of salt since Norwalk is at the front of the line in a state bid if supplies were to run low.