NORWALK - Connecticut is one step closer in banning sugary drinks, such as juice boxes, from day care centers.

The state Education Committee voted Monday to ban day care centers from serving juice to children younger than 1 year old. Older children will be allowed to have only 100 percent juice with no added sweeteners.

Some think the ban does not go far enough.

"When we're looking at allowing 100 percent juice that contains as much sugar as a Coke, it raises my concern about codifying this," says state Rep. Pam Staneski.

Some worry the ban will have an exemption for chocolate milk, something Gov. Dannel Malloy pushed for. Another concern is that parents could still send sugary drinks to school with their children.

"We try to suggest that they really just send water, but some of them still are sending juice boxes," says Gay Cavanagh, of L'il Critters Pre-School.

The ban is not yet finalized.

Monday's vote means the full House and Senate can now vote on it.