NORWALK - A Norwalk home was transformed into a haunted house by two residents who hold Halloween close to their hearts.

The Musacchios met and fell in love ?at first bloody sight? on Halloween. They have honored their marriage by building a spooky and scary haunted house each Halloween for the last four years.

The couple started preparations about three months ago, spending thousands of dollars to create an eerie graveyard on the front lawn of their Cranbury Woods Road house and an even more frightening ?Trail of Terror? in the backyard.

Mummies, bloody corpses, famous killers like Jason and snakes sneak up and scare visitors as they travel the trail. The couple says they add to the attractions each year and have included eight new actors to play the roles of ghosts, zombies and much more.

The haunted house is free for visitors and will be open until 9:30 p.m. on Halloween night.