MILFORD - Connecticut emergency management leaders are urging people to get ready now for the peak period of hurricane season.

Some Hurricane Sandy victims, however, are concerned that post-Sandy measures won’t be enough to protect against another superstorm, and experts are predicting this could be the worst hurricane season in years.

"This is potentially shaping up to be the worst hurricane season since 2012," says Sen. Chris Murphy.

Senators and emergency management officials say a lot has changed since Sandy, including new storm barriers, concrete evacuation plans and an increase in homeowners who now have flood insurance.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal urges residents to get ready.

"The more funds spent assisting people who haven't taken precautions and been ready, the less resources there are to rebuild and recover," says Blumenthal.

Hurricane forecasters say the water temperatures in the Northeast are a little cooler than usual, which may make a major storm less likely in Connecticut.