NORWALK - A southwestern Connecticut family is fighting a diplomatic battle in order to save the sight of their son.

Irfan Unnisa and her husband came to the U.S. from India last year and are now on track to become American citizens. Their son, 2-year-old Mohammed, was born blind.

Doctors here gave him a cornea transplant in 2012 and he now has some sight in his right eye. The doctors say that if he doesn't receive regular follow-up care here in the month ahead, his sight will disappear forever.

The problem is that the Unnisas' visa is set to run out and force them back to India, disallowing them the care their son needs.

Beth Rival, of the National Federation of the Blind, is fighting to keep the family here in the U.S. and as of today, has been in contact with Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

"I'm going to do everything I can to enable this family to stay here so their son can receive the sight-saving treatment that only this country can afford," Rival said.

The Nation Federation of the Blind is also asking for the public's help with the child's medical expenses.