FAIRFIELD - Election gossip has put two prominent Connecticut politicians in the spotlight as potential running mates for Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

The names of Sen. Joe Lieberman and Gov. M. Jodi Rell have come up as pundits try to predict who McCain will name as his potential vice president.

Lieberman's support of the war on terror matches McCain's, but his moderate stance on other social issues could be a roadblock. The senator has also publicly voiced that he is not making a play for the position.

"I worked pretty hard to stay a U.S. Senator ... and there's nothing else I'm looking for," says Lieberman.

Gary Rose, a political science professor at Sacred Heart University, says to take Lieberman's words with a grain of salt. He also says not to discount Rell as a possible running mate. Rose says Rell's strengths are evident by the fact she is a Republican leader with an 80th percentile public approval rating in a Democratic state.

"It might be a great combination, and people would really warm up to it," says Rose. "She's an intelligent person and would probably do a great job."