CONNECTICUT - Connecticut parents getting their children set for the new school are looking forward to the state's tax-free week beginning Sunday.

The tax-free week traditionally begins the third Sunday in August. Parents say it is a great opportunity to buy their kids clothes and other school supplies.

"We're looking for sneakers. We're buying at least two pairs. And then we're looking for some shirts," says Mariela Vaillant, of Stamford.

Vaillant says she always delays shopping until the reprieve from the 6 percent sales tax takes effect. She says it allows her to stock up her son's back-to-school wardrobe.

Many shoppers say that with the discount, they'll purchase more items than normal. "We're going to get some shopping done, especially now that we won't be paying taxes," says John Marino, of Westport.

Statistics show the state loses almost $4 million in revenue during the tax-free week. But locals say that those despite those numbers, they welcome the savings.