BRIDGEPORT - A community gathered for a memorial at Mount Aery Church in Bridgeport Thursday to honor civilians and police officers killed recently in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas.

More than a dozen people arrived early for the prayer vigil. Some of them said they marched in a protest against police violence in Bridgeport on Sunday.

"We have not had honest dialogue," said Lindsay Curtis, of the Connecticut State Missionary Baptist Convention. "We continue to struggle with discussions on race. We continue to struggle with issues with regards to police relations."

The First Baptist Church of Stratford also held a candlelight vigil.

More than 100 people gathered there to call for an end to the violence.

"As somebody who's coming from white privilege, it's really important to come here and listen to find out how I can be a partner and really join in the struggle," said Rachel Spollett, a Fairfield resident.

Anna Marotti, also of Fairfield, called for people to work together toward love instead of hate.