SAN JOSE MINE, Chile - Rescuers are continuing to pull the trapped miners from a collapsed mine a half-mile underground in Chile.

People across southwestern Connecticut have been watching the awe-inspiring rescue, including two Chileans with strong ties to their country's mining industry.

Cristina Godoy, of Stamford, was born in Chile, and is the daughter of a Chilean mining engineer.  She says watching the news coverage of the rescue has brought her to tears many times.

Chilean native Carlos Barbier, also from Stamford, says he used to work in the mining industry in the very same area as the rescue. Barbier says sometimes he feels like crying, wondering what would have happened if that was his son stuck down there.

When the last man surfaces, it promises to end a national crisis that began when 700,000 tons of rock collapsed Aug. 5, sealing the men in the lower reaches of the mine.

AP wires contributed to this report.