BRIDGEPORT - Egyptian-Americans living in southwestern Connecticut are closely following the developments in their home country that has been rocked by violent anti-government protests. Alfred Gerteiny, published author and former professor at University of Connecticut, spent his first 20 years living outside Cairo before moving to Bridgeport. He says widespread corruption in Egypt's government under President Hosni Mubarak is at the root of the unrest. Gerteiny also says the lack of free elections and justice has left the Egyptian people weary of the 82-year-old leader's reign."It's mostly a revolt of the middle class," he says. "These are educated people who don't have work."Gerteiny left Egypt in 1952, days before former leader King Farouk I was ousted from power. He says this week's protests could spark yet another revolution, which could ultimately lead to the Muslim Brotherhood, an extremist opposition group, filling the power vacuum.