STAMFORD - Sexual-abuse experts in southwestern Connecticut are analyzing last night's NBC interview with the former Penn State assistant coach accused of sexually abusing numerous boys. Jerry Sandusky proclaimed his innocence, insisting he was not a pedophile and that he has no sexual attraction toward young boys. However, he did admit to showering and touching boys on their thighs.Ivanne Zucco, executive director at The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education in Stamford, says Sandusky's words came as no surprise. She says people facing such accusations struggle to grasp the severity of their actions. "Having a perpetrator on top of it saying, 'I didn't do anything, it was just play,' may cause self-doubt to the victim," says Zucco. She also says talking with a sex-abuse counselor may help Sandusky recognize his alleged problem. Vigil candles try to brighten a dark week at Penn StatePenn State trustees meet amid sex abuse case