BRIDGEPORT - A University of Bridgeport class ring separated from its owner 30 years ago made it back onto the right hand Friday with the help of a very determined man.

Orlando Tomasi says found the ring when he was cleaning under the refrigerator of his Bridgeport apartment. He says he held onto it long after he moved out. He brought it with him as he moved around the world, from Bridgeport to Manhattan to Minsk to Moscow, determined to get it back to the owner.

?I carried the ring with me year after year, place after place, apartment after apartment and said ?Someday I've got to get this ring to the person who owns it,?? Tomasi says.

Recently, Tomasi decided to follow the clues on the ring itself in hopes he would end up in the right place. The class year, the sorority name and three initials all engraved on the ring brought him the University of Bridgeport alumni list, which lead him to Lillian Donnard.

Donnard and Tomasi had rented the same Bridgeport apartment five years apart. When the two met for the first time Friday, Donnard asked Tomasi how he held onto the ring for so long and joked she couldn't even keep it a couple of years.

?There?s a part of your life when you?re in college that always has fond memories for you, so this sort of brings it rushing back,? Donnard says. ?It's a nice thing.?