NORWALK - Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal say CVS Caremark will not end a consumer discount drug program more than a month after considering such a move.

The company said in June the CVS Health Savings Pass is a voluntary program not required by law, and it may discontinue it if the state demanded Medicaid access.

Rell and Blumenthal told CVS state law requires pharmacies to charge Medicaid the lowest drug price offered to consumers.

"Fortunately [CVS] heeded my call to respect our laws without a necessary legal action and now I am thankful consumers ? at CVS can now make use of these discounts," Blumenthal says.

Blumenthal says under the program, consumers pay $10 a year to get benefits, which include paying $9.99 to fill a 90-day prescription of a generic drug.