DANBURY - A fugitive who was hiding out in southwestern Connecticut for nearly five decades learned Monday that he won't have to go back to prison yet.

A Danbury judge gave Robert Stackowitz a temporary reprieve while his lawyers try to convince authorities that he should not be extradited back to Georgia.

Stackowitz admitted that he escaped from a prison in Georgia back in 1968. He was serving a sentence for a forcible robbery.

Since then, he has spent the last 48 years living a quiet life in Sherman, Connecticut, where he has been fixing boats and cars.

Stackowitz uses a wheelchair to get around. His lawyer says that he suffers from kidney failure, and that sending him back to Georgia would be tantamount to a death sentence.

"They had me in jail in Bridgeport and I got out and I ended up in the hospital with kidney failure because I didn't get enough water when I was in jail," he said.

Stackowitz is scheduled to be back in Danbury court on Aug. 1.