DANBURY - Two Danbury women, who have been collecting donations for victims of a fire, delivered bags full of clothes and shoes to a Bridgeport charity Tuesday to help those in need.

Maxine Nery and Rose Robbins set out to raise funds and collect goods for 35 people who were left homeless after a fire tore through their Danbury homes in January. A month later, Nery and Robbins say they had seven large storage rooms full of coats, toys and shoes.

The organizers of the collection drive say the displaced families went through the items and took what they could use. On Tuesday, Robbins and five local teens delivered what remained to the Community Closet in Bridgeport, where people can pick them up free of charge.

?If you need anything, there are a lot of good people around, and [they] are willing to help you,? Robbins says.

Robbins adds that she was touched by the number of people who stepped up to help. She says at one point she was forced to put up a sign turning down donations due to lack of space.