DARIEN - An exhibit highlighting the era of creative art and design in Darien is now open to the public.

The Darien Historical Society's exhibit called: "Darien 1925-1950 - Golden Age of Art and Design" - showcases how people were inspired to create.

Co-head of the exhibit David Polett says every piece of art work was done by someone who lived in town.

Polett says Darien was just far enough from New York where artists could benefit from the city's booming art and technology markets, but could still enjoy life in the countryside.

He says people from all walks of life came to town and contributed to the creative scene, including artists like Philip Lagana.

"He came to this town and he was a shoemaker, but he always liked art and he always liked to work with his hands…He became a sculptor. That to me is the essence of this town," said Lagana.

The exhibit can be viewed through mid-September.