DARIEN - Darien police appealed to the public today as officers try and solve a 35-year-old murder.

Police say the murder case went cold in the early 1980s, but they have been re-examining it over the last two years.

Greg Sjolander was found dead behind an abandoned house on Ledge Road in 1978.

Police say Sjolander had tattoos, including one that read, "Terry My Love." Investigators are trying to identify the "Terry" in his tattoo. They believe "Terry" may have family ties to the New York City area.

Within the hour that Sjolander's body was found, three men were seen eating at the Howard Johnson's just down the street and were talking about a murder, according to police. They say one of those men drew sketches and they're hoping someone can help identify the unique drawings and the person who drew them.

Police say they're sending evidence to labs for re-analysis and DNA testing.

They're asking anyone with information to call them.