DARIEN - Darien police officers are joining in to share safety tips with "Pokemon Go" players following incidents across the country of people crashing cars, walking into traffic and even getting hit by cars while playing the augmented-reality mobile game.

Police met with a group of about 30 players at the Grove Street Plaza for a Pokemon-catching crawl Tuesday night. The meet-up was hosted by the Darien Public Library, which is working with the police department.

Event organizers say the game is a unique way to bring people together, but they also understand there are some risks associated with playing it, such as people getting hurt or trespassing on private property to catch Pokemon. That's why they joined with police to share tips that would keep players safe and out of trouble.

Those tips include using the buddy system while out playing and being aware of your surroundings.

Darien police so far say they have not received any local reports of people getting hurt as a result of "Pokemon Go."