STRATFORD - Making cartoons is nothing new for one father in Stratford, but his work is now starting to resonate with more than just his family.

Jessica Wills plays the lead role in her father's cartoons. Fred Wills launched the "Just Jessica" Facebook page in August 2014 for fun, posting a new cartoon every morning. He has worked as a nurse for 40 years, but has been an artist his whole life, he says.

The page’s popularity began to balloon this fall, getting about 10 likes a day and growing to more than 1,600 followers.

The featured cartoons all deal with one of 16-year-old Jessica's attributes. Fred Wills says the message of the page is to show that people with any kind of special need -- his daughter has Down syndrome -- should be treated like everyone else.

All ideas for the cartoons come from everyday life occurrences, like doing homework or laundry.

Jessica says she now gets likes from all over the world. Her dad says he thinks those people are just beginning to see the impact of Just Jessica. The two have plans to launch a website and possibly a book.