GREENWICH - The second day of public hearings wrapped-up Wednesday afternoon for a Greenwich High School band director accused of bullying students.

John Yoon was terminated from his job after being accused of bullying two students. Despite the allegations, parents came out in droves to the hearing to support the former teacher.

Officials say that there was powerful testimony against the popular band director. A former human resources director from Greenwich High School painted Yoon as a loose cannon with a short fuse.

He also claims that the state teachers union wanted Yoon fired last year because his colleagues were afraid of his temper.

Instead, school leaders agreed to a so-called "last chance agreement." Greenwich school administrators claim Yoon violated that agreement by bullying two students. School leaders said Yoon humiliated students he didn't like.

Yoon's lawyer described the students as "disruptive" and accused the district of doing a shoddy investigation.

An arbitrator is deciding this week whether to uphold Yoon's firing.