FAIRFIELD - A Fairfield man says he was scammed into wiring money to people claiming to hold his sick father hostage.

Dean Reid says he got a phone call from a man saying he had kidnapped his father and wanted $1,000 for his return.

Reid’s father is sick, so he was immediately concerned for his safety. Reid says the story seemed real, and he ended up wiring the money to an account in Harrisburg, Pa. He later found out it was a scam when he got in touch with his father, who hadn’t been answering his phone earlier.

Reid wants to share his story to prevent others from falling victim to a scam. He took to YouTube today to inform others about how he was scammed.

Fairfield police say there's been a resurgence of kidnapping scams recently. They say scammers usually try to come up with an emotional story that involves a victim's family member.