MILFORD - Milford city officials say they are not happy about a multimillion-dollar plan to revitalize Silver Sands State Park.

According to Mayor Ben Blake, Milford officials want to take back part of the land that was once owned by the city. He says officials want the state's plan to prioritize cleaning up areas he calls "blighted."

Milford city officials say they support some of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s construction project within the park, including new bathrooms and concessions stands. However, they are against building a toll booth and collecting a fee to get in.

Officials also say the toll will create parking and traffic issues for nearby streets, as some will try to avoid paying the lot fee by parking on side streets.

A spokesperson for the DEEP says they have been, “good stewards of the land” under their jurisdiction and they even put in a new boardwalk. He also says they will not budge on a toll, which is something other state parks throughout the state have adopted.