BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport man is accused of robbing a 90-year-old man who offered him a ride home.

The victim picked up 52-year-old Delonce Henton after stopping at a store, where Henton told the victim he needed a ride to the hospital to see his wife.

Henton is facing charges of second-degree robbery and assaulting an elderly person.

Authorities say Henton is being investigated as a suspect in several similar robberies in Bridgeport. Investigators say they realized Henton's possible connection with other crimes due to the similarities between Henton and a flier that was put out to patrol officers earlier this week.

Detectives say they have been seeking Henton for several weeks, and he may be involved with three or four similar robberies in the Nobb Hill Circle area.

Police say they think Henton's drug dependency may be to blame for the alleged crimes.

Police say Henton is being held in jail on bond.