NORWALK - A Florida man who grew up in Monroe received a pleasant surprise after a Derby woman found and returned his lost high school graduation ring.

James Joseph Couture, who graduated from Masuck High School in Monore in 1983, says he lost the ring on the beach in Milford 20 years ago when it fell out of his pocket. Couture says he thought he would never see it again.

Lorraine Zuba says she found the ring on the beach in Seaside Park, more than 10 miles from where it was originally lost. Zuba used a 1983 Masuck yearbook and initials engraved on the ring to determine its owner. She spent over a year tracking down where Couture lived and eventually sent him his prized possession.

?He said to me, ?I'm astounded, I'm astounded after 20 years someone would return a ring to me,?? Zuba says.

As a thank you, Couture recorded a video message on YouTube, which he sent to Zuba.