BRIDGEPORT - The director of Bridgeport's Beardsley Zoo on Tuesday responded to criticism of a photo of one their camels posted by a visitor on Facebook.

Zoo director Gregg Dancho says the photo online is a snapshot in time and though it may appear to look bad, it doesn't reflect the way the animals are treated.

The photo shows the camel on a short lead lying on its side. Dancho admits the lead was a little too short, and he says as soon as staff was notified, they loosened it. However, he also says that's the way camels sleep and despite the way it looks, it's comfortable for them.

The exhibit has been an attraction for the past three summers, offering rides and education.

Dancho stresses animal welfare is the top priority at the Beardsley Zoo, but says anytime a visitor to the zoo sees something that makes them uncomfortable, they should notify a staff member.

The camels are from a sanctuary in the Midwest and will only be at the zoo through Labor Day.