BRIDGEPORT - A dream came true for two disabled brothers from Bridgeport, thanks to the help of News 12.

A business owner from Greenwich gave the brothers a handicapped-accessible van after he saw a News 12 report on Sunday explaining how federal budget cuts had limited the brothers' access to public transportation.

Onix and John Ortiz both suffer from cerebral palsy. Onix Ortiz, 19, says he often gets stranded in the evening after his shift is over, sometimes for several hours, because there is little or no public transportation for people with disabilities at that time of night.

Joe Kaliko, who runs the Needs Clearing House, a Greenwich non-profit organization, saw News 12 Connecticut's report on Sunday and contacted Greenwich businessman Chris Canavan, who donated the vehicle.  

Kaliko says the gift would not have been possible without help from the Disability Resource Network and the Transportation Association of Greenwich, which both worked to make this dream a reality.