NORWALK - A disabled Norwalk woman says she is the victim of a "robo-signed" foreclosure, and could soon be homeless.

Elizabeth Greenwood says she realized she might be the victim of robo-signing after seeing a similar case on Dateline NBC.

So-called robo-signing is the process of a bank signing thousands of documents in a foreclosure proceeding without verifying any of the information to speed people out of their homes. Experts say the process can be a fraudulent eviction designed to save the bank time and money.

Greenwood, who is legally blind, says she has always had excellent credit and paid her mortgage on time, until she was run over by a car and fell behind in her payments.

Out of the blue, a marshal came to her door recently and told her she would have to soon vacate the house she had worked hard to buy.

After hearing about her case, Sen. Richard Blumenthal has decided to investigate. However, Greenwood says it is only a matter of days before she will have to vacate her home.